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Welcome to the
FIRSt Families Web Site

The Families Interested In Research STudies (FIRSt) database has been established to connect Penn State researchers and families with infants and young children in central Pennsylvania who are interested in participating in research.

All the in the database is confidential and is only shared with researchers who are conducting research approved by the university's Office of Research Protections.

Many families find that participating in research is interesting; gives insight into their children's development; and provides a sense of having contributed to important advances in knowledge. Some research projects also provide financial compensation to participants.

If you are the legal parent or guardian of a child between newborn and 18 years of age, or are expecting a child soon, and are interested in registering your family for the FIRSt database. You will be contacted when a researcher is interested in adding you to a project.


Questions about the FIRSt database and this webpage should be directed to FIRStFamilies@psu.edu.

General questions about research at Penn State should be directed to The Vice President for Research.